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The MIBS Difference

MIBS TOP is a Pittsburgh area company building effective website designs at a competitive price. What is an effective website design? An effective website is a site the can be easily found, provides useful information and provides a great user experience, for the collective purpose of generating more revenue. We have taken the art of creating a website and marketing campaign and made it a science. Every service and product we offer is line-item priced so that customers only ever pay for items they need. We focus on communication. At all times, our customers know exactly where the project stands. Our attention to detail, delivery time and communication is unmatched in the industry.

Our process is effective and straightforward:

Development Stage- Pittsburgh Web design


MIBS TOP knows that effective marketing and good website design must be based on strategic market analysis and product and branding strategy. We complete an in depth analysis of the company, the products and services, the market, the competition and the customers. The strengths and weaknesses of the competition are determined to seize opportunities and gain market share. One important step we take is to identify the capacity of the staff to maintain the website and related social media campaigns. We do not develop products that are too complex or too time consuming for our customer to maintain.

Implementing Effective Web Design for Pittsburgh Businesses


Once we know what to include on the website and other appropriate marketing initiatives, we then focus on how to present it. We implement products based on the preferences of the decision makers and customers such as colors, layout, user experience and capabilities. When appropriate, we incorporate videos, e-commerce capabilities, forms and other features. To streamline design, we include our customers in every step of the process, using mock ups to allow customers to visualize the design and user experience. This streamlined approach prevents unwanted surprises and delays.

Optimize Your Pittsburgh Area Business Online


We do not implement and disappear. We analyze the results and make the necessary fine-tuning adjustments to optimize performance. Maximizing the audience is a primary focus. For websites, we complete a thorough search engine optimization to significantly increase web traffic. Our social media campaigns are effective but manageable. Our pay per click advertising campaigns obtain results while focusing on cost control. Effective marketing campaigns and websites are not build it and forget it initiatives. MIBS continually monitors results and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure on-going success.

The MIBS TOP Web Design 10 Guiding Principles:

  • Every website will be developed with a responsive theme.
  • Every website will be created with an open-source platform.
  • Every website will be built with a custom design, not a cookie-cutter template.
  • Lines of communication will be open 100% of the time and customers will receive as many project updates as they desire.
  • Every customer will receive ample training so that, if they choose, they can update the content and photos of their own site without requiring external help.
  • Every quote we submit will have specific details outlining the work to be completed.
  • Every invoice we send will be generated based only on the exact products and services the customer needs.
  • Every project will be completed within the expected turnaround time.
  • Every website will focus on providing the best user experience possible.
  • Every website will be formed to maximize search engine optimization.