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The Importance of Keyword Research

With so much buzz over Search Engine Optimization (SEO), page rankings, and Google’s ever evolving algorithms, I am sure you have heard the term “keywords” tossed around more than a few times but, really, what are keywords? Simply put, keywords are words, or more... read more

4 Awesome Things About WordPress

WordPress? You mean that blog thing right? Yes. And no. Many people hear “WordPress” and instantly think “blog”. While WordPress is the most widely used blogging system on the internet, its role as a content management system (CMS) makes WordPress capable of so much... read more

Responsive Websites: What’s the Big Deal?

Chances are that you own a smart phone. In fact, if I were to guess that you were using a smartphone right now to read this post, there is a pretty good chance that I would be right. You use your smartphone to surf the web, check e-mail, peruse your social media pages... read more

Steps to Maximize the Sales Price of Your Business

The most ideal business sales strategy is implemented years prior to the business being put up for sale. This provides ample time for the necessary changes to be implemented and the results to be realized. To understand how to maximize the value of a business, we have... read more