Case Study: AirPal Spectra

A screenshot of the AirPal Spectra homepage before the redesign. The homepage is very text heavy and outdated.

The AirPal Spectra website prior to MIBS, Inc. redesign.

AirPal Spectra wanted to improve the front-end, of their pre-existing website with a modern and responsive design. They also wanted to add a “Contractor Portal” where registered users could access special pricing available for contractor accounts. On the backend they were looking for a more user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).  

Some Notable Features of this project include: 

  • ECommerce Functionality 
  • Mobile-Friendly 
  • User Portal for Registered Contractors 
  • WordPress CMS 

Project Phases: 

MIBS, Inc. Website design process consists of 4 phases.  

Phase 1: Project Strategy Discussion: 

In this phase of the project our web designers spent time discussing with our client their goals for the new website. In this case the owner of AirPal Spectra along with other staff members gave an overview of things they liked about their existing website and things they disliked about it. They also provided links to a few example websites to help our designers better understand what their objectives were.  

At this stage the AirPal Spectra team also began providing resource for the new website including logos, images, and other graphic assets.  

Phase 2: Initial Design & Content Population: 

The first step in this phase was for the MIBS, Inc. team to create a development environment to begin work on the new website. We then begin working on the new design, populating the development site with content from the existing site and any other assets provided by the AirPal Spectra team. The MIBS, Inc. team takes care of all content migration.  

Once the development site began to take shape, we provided the AirPal Spectra team with the link. This allowed their team to monitor the continued progress of the website and request changes in real time. Communication with the AirPal Spectra team continued throughout the development process. Modifications and additions requested by AirPal Spectra were addressed promptly and reviewed by their team at their convenience.  

A screenshot of the AirPal Spectra website after the redesign. It features a more modern design with images and a menu structure.

The AirPal Spectra website after the redesign.

Phase 3: Testing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

SEO is always at the forefront of all of our projects, it is something our team considers from start to finish. During the design phase the MIBS, Inc.’s staff worked to ensure that images had proper tags and keywords were used in tags, page titles, meta descriptions, and content.  We also minimized dead links, redirects, and 404 pages. After the website launched, we submitted the XML sitemap to search engines for indexing.  

Prior to launch we also worked with the AirPal Spectra team to test the website during development and prior to launch. Testing occurs to ensure that the website is functioning as expected before launch. Any glitches are fixed promptly by the MIBS, Inc. team.  

Phase 4: Website Launch & Training:  

After both the AirPal Spectra and MIBS, Inc. teams were happy with the look and functionality of the development site, preparations are made for launch. The AirPal Spectra team opted to complete website training prior to launch. This consisted of a screen-share meeting with the lead web designer to cover content updates and basic site maintenance best practices. The MIBS, Inc. team also provided an in-depth, customized training document.  

At launch AirPal Spectra received a modern, mobile-friendly website designed on an intuitive CMS platform. For more information about the MIBS, Inc. Design process or to work with our team to build a website that meets your unique needs, contact us today.