Case Study: Kapp Communications, Inc. 

The original purpose of this project was to update the content on Kapp Communication, Inc.’s website for search engine optimization (SEO) purpose. But once we began, MIBS, Inc. determined that due to the existing website’s CMS and underlying structural issues, a redesign would be better. There were several reasons for this:  

  1. A redesign would result in more overall SEO improvement 
  2. It would ultimately be more cost effective to redesign the site than to unravel the pre-existing structures and redirects.  
  3. The redesigned site would be easier to maintain and update in the future

So, the team at MIBS, Inc. worked with Kapp Communications to create a modern, mobile-friendly website design. We also worked to make the website SEO friendly, with a particular focus on SEO for the phrase “IT Managed Services.” 

Kapp Communication's website homepage before redesign.

Kapp Communication’s website homepage prior to redesign.

Notable Features Include:

  • Responsive Design 
  • WordPress CMS 
  • Online Forms 
  • Multi-layer Responsive Slider/Banners 
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs 

Project Phases:  

MIBS, Inc.’s website design process consists of 4 phases: 

Phase 1: Project Strategy Discussion: 

The Lead Designer on the MIBS, Inc. team worked with the Kapp team to identify objectives of the new website and likes/dislikes of the existing website. We also worked to determine what content to migrate from the existing website and what new content needed to be added. The MIBS, Inc. team worked on image curation and content migration while the Kapp team worked to provide new content. We also reviewed the website to determine what pages had similar or duplicate content that needed combined to help with SEO and provide a clear, intuitive navigation structure.  

The homepage of Kapp Communication's website after redesign.

Kapp Communication’s website homepage after redesign by MIBS, Inc.

When discussing design preferences MIBS, Inc. was given a lot of free reign to come up with a working design. The Kapp team had very few specific requests. So, our team did a lot of industry research before settling on a design.  

Phase 2: Initial Design & Content Population:

We began designing the new site for Kapp Communications live on our own website. We migrated content from the existing website, and added new content as we received it. Since, the structure of the existing site was an issue, we began working on developing the menu structure early on. Once the home page, menu, and one landing page was developed the link to the site in development was sent to Kapp’s staff for review.  

Phase 3: Testing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

SEO was at the forefront of this project throughout the entire process. MIBS, Inc.’s staff worked to ensure that images had proper tags and keywords were used in tags, page titles, meta descriptions, and content.  We also minimized dead links, redirects, and 404 pages. As discussed in phase one we also suggested combining similar pages to limit user confusion, and make navigation simpler. 

Prior to the redesign and after the development of the new website we ran SEO reports using SEMrush. Then we adjusted pages and content accordingly.  After the website launched, we submitted the XML sitemap to search engines for indexing. We also edited Kapp’s Google MyBusiness listing to focus on “It Managed Services,” rather than on phone systems. 

Phase 4: Website Launch & Training: 

After both the Kapp team and the MIBS, Inc. project designer were happy with the look, features, and functionality of the development website we made preparations for the launch. Hosting was moved to MIBS, Inc.’s provided hosting. We also provided the Kapp team with DNS records to update, to help them complete the launch.  

For the project Kapp Communications chose to opt out of website training, as they had completed training with our team before for a different, but similar project. The owner of the company prefers to work directly with MIBS, Inc. staff when updates need to be made to Kapp Communications, Inc.’s website.  

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