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Why you need a mobile-friendly website

The single largest change in how people access the internet is occurring right now. Are your ready? Is your competition ready?

With the average American spending almost two hours per day on a mobile device and a majority of web searches being conducted on phones and tablets as opposed to computers, not having a mobile-friendly or responsive website is a costly mistake. According to smartinsights.com, 57% of mobile web users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. According to whoishostingthis.com, 74% of mobile web visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than five seconds to download. Can your business succeed if your website turns away 57-74% of your customers accessing it from a phone or tablet?

Making the investment in a upgraded mobile-friendly / responsive website is crucial to maintaining and gaining market share. Companies on the forefront of this technological shift will succeed.

Even beyond the obvious change in search habits and the importance of having a mobile-friendly site, companies must continually add new features and content to their website. Customers want new information and do not want to see a web page with a headline in bold red letters that talks about a grand opening that happened two years ago. If it is not worth your time to update your website, will your customers think it is worth their time to visit it?

MIBS is an expert in the design and development of websites that get results. We provide companies with an attractive site regardless of the device visitors use to access the web. We speak in plain English and use a systematic approach that eliminates surprises that may occur regarding cost and turnaround time. We build what you need to maximize the revenue generated from your online presence. Most importantly, we provide our customers with the ability to make changes to their own site. We do not create a situation where you must contact someone else to make a text change on a web page. Sure, we are there to help when needed, but for simple text changes to a web page, it is quicker and cheaper to be able to do it yourself. Our training and guidance makes that possible.

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