Increasing Website Security During COVID 19

Due to COVID 19 and the resulting “Stay at Home” orders, the amount of online activity has significantly increased over the past two months. People are now working from home, and doing more online shopping than ever before. Unfortunately, this has lead to a 3.8% increase in online fraud since this same time last year. This makes website security  more important for online shops and other companies whose business has moved online than ever before.

At MIBS, Inc., security is top priority for every website we develop. WordPress, the primary CMS platform we use, has excellent security features. However, beyond the security offered by your CMS platform, there are a few additional steps we recommend you take to maximize the security of your website.

Six Measures of Website Security:

  1. Do some extensive research to ensure that the plugins and themes for your website are safe. Additionally, only retain those plugins and themes that are actually being used, remove the ones that are not.
  2. You may also want to specifically look into a Security Plugin for your site. For example, MIBS, generally uses WordFence to increase and monitor security for every website we design.
  3. Limit the number of entry points to your website. This is achieved by limiting the number of users with administrative access. At MIBS, we educate our customers on security best practices. This includes limited the number of users with administrative access, utilizing user roles to limit the level of access of user groups, and the use of strong passwords.
  4. Maximize isolation for your website. The separation of applications can limit the impact that one compromised application can have. MIBS designs keep applications as separated as possible.
  5. Keep your software current. We develop all our websites so they can remain up-to-date with WordPress, plugins, and themes. We accomplish this by always having the most current version installed.
  6. Maintain backups. It is always important to have a plan to recover data in case a security issue does occur. The MIBS hosting plan offers multiple saved backup copies each day, minimizing the amount of potential data loss, while expediting the ability to repopulate the website.

Security should always be a top priority for your website, but it is more necessary now than ever before to protect both your organization and its clients. If you need help updating your website’s security contact MIBS, Inc. today.


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