Indicators That It May Be Time for a New Website Design: 

Having a website created for your business or organization is an investment. A well-designed website shows your clients that you are serious about what you do. That you are willing to put time and money into maintaining not only your business, but also your brand. It also helps you keep up with your competitors, and maybe even get a leg up. But, how do you know if the website you have is good enough to beat the competition?  

Below is a list of several things to think about when deciding whether or not it’s time to invest in a new website design for your business or organization.  

User Experience (UX): 

Does your site offer a good user experience? Think of the goal of your website and the actions that you want to encourage. Then, spend some time navigating your site. Is it hard to navigate? Does it have a slow load time? Does it have clear calls-to-action? 

Also check to make sure your site is working properly. Sites that don’t work may have broken links, outdated offers, et cetera. While these may not be on every page of the site, it is important to make sure that your entire site is up-to-date and running properly. An experienced web designer can help you fix all of those issues. 

Mobile Use:

Reesponsive Design

Perhaps it’s been a few years since you’ve updated your site and you realize it has not been optimized for use on mobile devices. If this is the case talk to a web designer about the best CMS to use for building a responsive site. At MIBS, Inc. we use WordPress, which has a lot of great options for creating mobile-friendly sites. 

Marketing Goals: 

As your business grows and develops your marketing goals change. It may be that the website you have now is no longer in line with your current marketing goals. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to review your website quarterly. Then fix any design issues that may be keeping you from achieving those goals.  

Also check to make sure that your website is up-to-date with the current brand of your organization. The website should reflect the most recent logos, graphics, and colors of your brand.  

Ecommerce Abilities: 

Equipping your website with an ecommerce ability allows your business to be open 24/7 without having to make your employees work 24/7. This is because customers can buy your products at any time of day, even if your physical store is not open.  

For businesses that don’t have inventory for an online store there are still other great options for using your site. For example, online ordering is a great option for restaurants. Enabling customers to book appointments online is good for salonsmechanics, and even doctor’s offices. Talk to your web designer about the best ways to move some of your business online. 


One of the last, but most important things to evaluate about your website is how difficult it is to update. Staff should be able to update some of the basic content on websites that live on a user friendly CMS. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge if the website is poorly designed, or if staff have not been trained to maintain the website. That is why MIBS, Inc. Offer personalized training with the web designer that worked on your site.  


Is your website in need of a redesign? Contact MIBS, Inc. today to learn more about how we can help you develop the best website to meet the needs of your organization and to help you connect with your audience.