MIBS Generates Significant Amounts of Revenue for Our Customers with Organic SEO in Pittsburgh


Increase Exposure with Keyword Research

Maximize your exposure by dominating the rankings in Google search results. When your potential customers are searching for your products and services you want to rank high. Our Pittsburgh SEO firm researches thousands of keywords to determine potential.


Grow Your Customer Base with On-Site Optimization

We certainly hate tunnel traffic in Pittsburgh, but we love Google traffic! Our Pittsburgh SEO experts drive customers to your website. We work to optimize the website structure and layout for both Google and your customers.


Increase Revenue with Links

Links to your website provide authority and credibility in the eyes of Google. Authority results in better search rankings. As Pittsburgh’s best SEO company we determine and implement effective link building campaigns.


Dominate the Burgh with Google Maps and Local Search

If you have a physical location, you need to own the market in Google maps and its local search listings. Our SEO firm makes sure you have correct and consistent information and search engine friendly content in the listings.


Comprehensive SEO Reporting

Our Pittsburgh SEO reports include information on how your site is performing in organic search results. Our reports also highlight opportunities for improvements in keywords and links, as well as an analysis of competitor’s performance. Based on the overall report suggestions can be made for any site changes needed.


Local Long-Term Partnership

We are Pittsburgh’s best SEO company because we live and work in the Pittsburgh Area. We know the market, the people and work ethic. Your success is crucial to us and we are committed to delivering awesome results.


Google Domination

Our Reports Drive Success

Our comprehensive SEO reports provide the road map to taking the steps necessary to dominate search engine rankings. The reports will spell out errors, warnings and notices to guide us towards having an optimized website and SEO strategy. Topics include site structure, on-page SEO, security, directories, keywords and backlinks.

Our reports feature an unmatched insight into the competition.

Our expert SEO team analyzes competitor sites to answer questions such as: How successful is their website?

  • What keywords do they use and how well do they perform for them?
  • What websites do they have backlinks from?
  • Are they using pay-per-click and social media advertising? If so, how successful are the campaigns?

Our reports are 100% customized to meet the needs of every client.


As a business owner, when searching for a Pittsburgh SEO company, you found MIBS through an internet search query. There is a lot of excitement and potential for growth in the Pittsburgh market right now. You need the #1 Pittsburgh SEO Company in your corner.

If you can find us in the highly competitive “Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization” market, imagine the great exposure we could provide your business. Let the SEO experts at MIBS help boost the results of your internet marketing efforts.

Unlike many national SEO firms that often offshore their work internationally, our team 100% lives and works in the Pittsburgh area. Our knowledge of the local market is one reason our Pittsburgh SEO team is so successful with assisting clients in dominating the search rankings in their markets.

We have created a proven SEO system that is sustainable. We do not cut corners like other Pittsburgh SEO consultants. Cutting corners might provide some short-term benefits but often results in Google penalties and blacklisting. A Google penalty can be absolutely devastating and very difficult to recover from.

Search engine optimization determines online success and amplifies the exposure a company has in its market. Performing poorly in Google searches is not only costing your business significant revenue, it is assisting your competition.

With increasing complexity in the Google algorithms, you need a Pittsburgh SEO expert in your corner. Gone are the days of building a great website and waiting for the customers to appear. Websites should be optimized so they rank high in search engines for key words and phrases that drive traffic to the site.

Being the best SEO company in Pittsburgh, our team helps to create great content and content marketing strategies for your website. We start by completing keyword research. This research includes traffic estimates as well as a list of your competitor’s keywords. If you have direct competitors, we can identify their keywords and design content to rank higher than them for those keywords.

Business is about outsmarting your competition. Partnering with a reputable SEO company like MIBS, will allow you to dominate your market.

SEO is not a quick and easy task. It is a campaign that must be constantly managed, which is why working with our Pittsburgh-based SEO strategists is important.

While we are helping you dominate your market, you can be focused on what is most important, running your business. We provide regular reporting and guidance. Our constant communication is important and why we are such a sought-after SEO firm in Pittsburgh.

Business owners are always asking “how do I improve my Google rankings?”.

Getting your website on the first page of a major search engine like Google is not easy. It requires hard work, patience and expertise. The results do take time. However, once success is achieved, it lasts for a long time. These results last because our proven Pittsburgh SEO system regularly monitors and manages changes in the market.

Your website should be your best salesperson. It works around the clock and around the globe. It has the opportunity to generate significant revenues with a minimal cost.

By implementing our Pittsburgh SEO strategy you will maximize the return on your investment. It is the most effective media spend because it is completely focused on reaching your target audience: people actively searching online for your products and services.

In addition to the cost savings, we provide significant time savings. Can anyone do SEO and save money? Absolutely. The downside is time.

Learning SEO will take time. Implementing the SEO plan will take time. Monitoring the plan going forward will take time.

Without being an expert in Pittsburgh SEO, it will take much longer until results are achieved, if they are achieved. Leave the SEO to us and focus your time on your specialty.

In conclusion, you found the website of SEO experts in Pittsburgh because we are very good at what we do. Find out firsthand why companies enjoy working with us and how we help our customers dominate their competitors. Contact us to have a conversation and to start the process of maximizing the potential of your website.

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