What Makes MIBS the Best Pittsburgh Web Design Company?

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Our Process

We develop every website on a live sub-domain of our own website. Developing the website in this manner provides a number of advantages.

There is no limitation on design changes and revisions. Our customers have the opportunity to provide feedback at any point during the design process. Changes can be requested from start to finish, with no limits on the requests made during development.

Multiple design options can be provided for comparison and consideration.  This allows two or more design ideas to be compared side by side. This allows our customers to select the best home page designs, landing page designs, and product page designs.

The website development process is faster and smoother. Our customers are encouraged to regularly review the development website and provide feedback throughout the entire development process. This allows our website designers to make adjustments in real time, keeping the development timeline on track.


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Custom Website Features

Every website we develop is responsive, easy to navigate, and 100% custom designed for our customer’s unique needs. MIBS does not force customers into predefined web page templates. Below are some examples of custom features and services we have provided to our small business website design customers.

  • Emergency alert and communication protocols. Add notice bars, alert pop ups, or notice alert systems to ensure your visitors are aware of time sensitive information.
  • Online payments.  Need help getting started with your online store? MIBS can help with our expertise in ecommerce website design. We can assist with integrating payment processing and ecommerce web design functions for online shopping sites.
  • Facility reservation processes. Allow visitors to schedule facilities and register for classes or events online.
  • Custom online forms and applications. Add custom forms to your website, from simple contact forms to robust job applications.
  • Social media integration. Help your visitors stay in touch by including links, social media feeds, and auto posting to social media from your website.
  • Email marketing. Keep customers up to date while keeping your company top of mind. Collect email addresses and create newsletters for your internet marketing efforts.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization determines online success and amplifies the exposure a company has in its market. Learn more on our SEO page.
  • Custom graphic design services. MIBS designers can assist with logo designs, business cards, brochures and custom web and infographics.


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Training & Support

We have created a detailed and efficient website training program. Website training includes everything you need to know to properly maintain and update your small business website. Our training is delivered three different ways:

Live training seminar. Each MIBS website customer receives a personal, live training seminar. The training seminar is led by the lead web developer on the website project.

Multiple staff members can attend and all trainees will receive a comprehensive training guide for use during and after training. This training seminar is a great time for our customers to ask questions.

Custom training guide. A tutorial document will be provided at the time of your scheduled training seminar. This website training guide is customized for your small business website and will outline all commonly performed website updates.

The website training guide is designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow. Our customers find this to be valuable asset for later reference and training material.

Professional guidance as needed. Once your website has launched you will still have the ability to ask your developer questions via phone or email. Never hesitate to contact your developer with questions or for a refresher on how to make certain website changes.


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MIBS believes that organizations should own their websites, not rent them. With our easy to understand interface and incredible training, our customers enjoy cost savings in many forms.

  • There are no ongoing development costs. You have the ability to maintain your website without having to pay a third party for regular web page content updates.
  • We use an open source platform. Using open source content management systems means you can maintain and update your website without needing to purchase CMS software.


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Our Work

As one of the most sought-after website developers in Pittsburgh, MIBS has had the privilege of working with many clients. Included below are some examples of the websites our customers love.

Our Pittsburgh-area website design team is committed to designing websites that accomplish the objectives of the organization.

Being the #1 website developer in Pittsburgh comes from our experience, great work ethic, and partnership with our customers. We design and develop websites that provide a great user experience, engage visitors and encourage calls-to-action. MIBS specializes in small business web design, designing sites that drive more traffic and generate more conversions. Our professional designers provide affordable, high quality web design with no ongoing costs for website development.

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