LevelLok E-Commerce Redesign

LevelLok Shooting Systems E-Commerce Site Redesign

Visit: levellok.com

Key Features: e-commerce website, responsive design, full width, responsive header image, streamlined checkout process, integration with social media, various online forms

Technical Specs: customized e-commerce WordPress website utilizing PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL database

Before & After

Mobile Prior to Redesign

Prior to the redesign project the website was not responsive. The text was very difficult to read without zooming in and the social icons and menu items were difficult to tab due to their size.

Prior to Redesign Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile After Redesign

The new, responsive design displays content in a font size that is readable on mobile, easy to tap menu items, social icons and CTA buttons, as well as a direct dial clickable phone number.

Responsive Website on Mobile