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Our Web Design and Other Services Deliver Results

  • Website Design

    MIBS TOP is the best web development firm in the Pittsburgh area. Our team includes programmers, web and graphic designers and business strategists so that we can be sure to meet your needs on a multitude of levels.

    Responsive Web Design

    More web searches are now conducted on phones and tablets than laptops and desktops. MIBS knows the benefits of responsive website design and creates sites that work and look great regardless of the browser, screen resolution or device size.

    Custom Web Designs

    The most effective website designs are focused on the user experience. Our custom web design services are developed from your customer’s point of view by providing the information they need while encouraging a call to action.

    WordPress Websites

    Some businesses require constant changes to website content. Our creative, custom WordPress websites are professional with significant functionality but have the simplicity that allows non-techies the ability to update content as needed.

    E-Commerce Websites

    Creating an E-Commerce website is essentially hiring a salesperson that works around the clock and around the world. MIBS creates sites that allow customers to place orders, complete transactions and coordinate shipping electronically.

    Keyword Analysis

    Using the right keywords improves organic search rankings, conversions, audience engagement and opens new markets. MIBS completes an in-depth keyword analysis process that identifies the words and phrases that drive results.

    Custom Responsive Web Design in Pittsburgh

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  • Website Optimization

    SEO Solutions

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeblood of a website. Without SEO efforts website is relatively useless. MIBS has created a system to improve the visibility of websites, which increases web traffic and ultimately generates revenue.

    Website Traffic Analysis

    Analyzing the traffic flow to and from a website is crucial to determining what changes need to be made to optimize the website. MIBS works with companies to establish analysis tools that improve a website’s user experience.

    PPC Management

    Pay per click advertising can be an effective means to increasing traffic to websites. PPC campaigns provide increased website traffic as well as tremendous feedback regarding customer preferences and website search habits.

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  • Strategic Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Marketing strategies for social media are important parts of an effective marketing campaign. MIBS creates social media marketing strategies that provide the audience with great information, but that are not burdensome to maintain.

    E-mail Marketing Services

    E-mail marketing is an effective tool in converting prospects to customers. Through a MIBS-managed e-mail marketing campaign, we work together to guide a customer through the sales process in a very cost-effective manner.

    Newsletter Design

    Newsletters can be an effective tool to stay in front of your customers and inform them of new products and services. MIBS creates effective newsletter templates and writes attention-grabbing content to make your newsletter get noticed.

    Business Marketing Blog

    A business blog can serve many purposes. Effective blogs educate, increase visibility, cross-sell, build loyalty and assist with search engine optimization. MIBS designs blogs and blog posts that are easy to manage and that drive customer action.

    Product & Branding Strategy

    Product branding is unmatched in connecting a product to a customer and enhancing the purchasing experience. MIBS develops brand positioning strategies that create credibility and loyalty and add tremendous value to a company.

    Strategic Marketing for Pittsburgh Businesses

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  • Graphic Design

    Custom Graphics

    Graphics enhance presentation, allowing users see a more professional image and cohesive branding. MIBS realizes the importance of graphics and creates appealing products that add credibility and value to your company.

    Logo Design

    Using the right company logo design can do wonders for your image. Whether you are designing a new logo or simply need an existing logo revamped, MIBS has the tools and expertise to make your logo ideas and brand come alive.

    Business Card Design

    MIBS offers custom business card design to maximize your efforts each time you pass your business card along. We focus on the right information, colors, fonts and graphics to make potential clients want to contact you.

    Custom Infographics

    Our in house infographic design capabilities differentiate our customer’s presentations from the competition. Combining your facts with our graphics creates a memorable presentation that entertains and educates at the same time.

    Marketing Materials

    Prevent your marketing materials from going straight into the nearest garbage can with a custom, MIBS designed marketing piece. We ensure that your message is conveyed while being presented in a clean, eye-catching manner.

    Pittsburgh Website and Graphic Design

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