The Best Coronavirus Notifications for Your Website

We’ve all experienced it. Your scrolling through a website, when suddenly your stopped by a pop-up advertisement. Frustrated, you click out of the pop-up box, and maybe even off the site. Website pop-ups are one of the most annoying forms of advertising out there.

Ethan Zuckerman, the man who invented pop-up ads, even publicly apologized, acknowledging how frustrating they can be to website users. If even the person who invented pop-up notifications thinks they are annoying why would you ever want to incorporate them into your website?

Notification pop-ups for websites are not what they once were. Gone are the days of pop-up boxes that would automatically reopen after a certain amount of time. Pop-ups no longer contain harmful malware that could damage your computer. This is because website owners have developed some best-practices for how to include pop-ups in their website, without frustrating users.

Making Pop-Ups Less Frustrating:

There are a few keys to a good pop-up, that help keep your website visitors informed, but not annoyed. One such key is making sure all pop-ups are easy to close. If pop-ups are not easy to close, frustrated users will simply leave the site. It’s also best that pop-up boxes don’t obscure too much of the page, and, as with anything in life, timing is everything.

There are two aspects to timing for website pop-ups that are important: the actual timing of when the pop-up appears, and the timelines of its content. Website pop-ups can be set up to appear at certain times for website users. For example, a pop-up may be set to appear when the user has been on the page for a certain amount of time. Or when they have scrolled to a certain point.

However, pop-ups are useless unless they contain information that is relevant to the user. Often websites have CTA pop-ups, that call website users to a certain action, or have call to action buttons. This tends to be something like signing up for email notifications or subscribing to a news letter. However, given the current cultural climate, what could be more relevant to website users than a coronavirus pop-up notification?

Picture1This kind of pop-up notification is not an advertisement, but rather a helpful way to keep your website users informed. A COVID 19 pop-up notification is a great way to clarify whether your business is open or not. It could also be helpful for providing information about new business hours or practices, as well as about the virus. For example, a CTA pop-up notification can include a link to websites of organizations like the center for disease control and prevention.

At MIBS, Inc. we have already helped many of our clients by updating their websites with coronavirus pop-up notifications. We would love to help you too! For more tips on how to use your website to keep people informed during these unprecedented times take a look at some of our most recent blog posts.


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