The Importance of Good Web Copy

“Web copy,” its non-doubt a term you’ve heard many times. But what is it and why is it so important?  

The term “copy” has generally been used to refer to content that is intended to be printed. It also refers to the text of advertisements. However, in the digital age, “web copy” generally refers to text published online about your businesses. Web copy typically services as a way to advertise.   

A beautifully designed website is nothing without good web copy. It is good copy that ultimately sells products. Images and design help attract visitors to your website, but copy helps them stay and buy. Below are a three reasons why good copy is such an important part of a good website.  

Why Good Web Copy is Vital: 

Search Engine Optimization: 

Well-written copy that makes good use of keywords will help your website be more visible in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A website that places well in search engines is akin to a business that is in a prime physical location. People are more likely to stumble onto your website as they are browsing online.  

This then opens the door to the potential of gaining new customers and increasing sales. But getting people to your website is only half the battle, you have to impress them while they are there.  Good copy is one of the best tools you have to market your business and sell your product.  


It can be challenging to think of new creative ways to gain new customers, but good web copy can help. Well-written copy helps potential customers better understand who you are and what you do. It is also more permanent than a lot of other marketing campaigns and strategies.  

Marketing campaigns like sending emails, flyers, and coupons may help your business get noticed in the short-term. But a well-designed website with good copy has the potential to become a more long-term part of your company’s identity and brand. Online is one of the first places that consumers go to learn about businesses, make sure your website represents you well.  


Not only does your website represent your business, it is also a primary means of showcasing the products offered by your businesses. It provides a perfect opportunity for you to describe your products to customers in an interesting way that makes them want to buy. This makes good copy one of your most powerful sales tools.  

Pictures aren’t always worth a thousand words. Sometime customers want to know exactly what it is they’re buying and why they need it. If your product descriptions are vague and confusing people will be less interested in buying.   

No matter what your company does, good copy is necessary to help you get noticed and to increase sales. Many times, your website is the first impression potential customers have of your business. Copy that is not interesting and informative will make a bad first impression. However, clear, concise, and interesting copy will help customers understand who you are, what you do, and if you have what they’re looking for.  

Make sure before you publish anything on your website you do your research and consult with a copywriting exert. Visit our blog again for future tips on how to write good copy.  


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