Website Coding For Non-Programmmers

When you own your own business, you can do it all. But just because you can do it all, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. If there’s one thing you should always leave to the professionals it’s your website. Building a solid website can be tricky and may require some coding, something you should not attempt if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

Why You Shouldn’t Mess with Code: 

There are several reasons why you should not attempt website coding if you have never been trained to code. The first is that it will more likely than not leave you with a website that looks subpar. And when it comes to your business you want customers to experience a site that shows you care, you’re professional, and you know what you’re doing. Your website should be functional and easy to navigate.  

Another reason not to mess with code if you are inexperienced is because code is very sensitive. The smallest mistake could ruin the whole website, which means you’ll probably have to hire a web developer to fix it. And having to work against the mistakes will result in a slow and costly web development process.  

Is WordPress Different? 

You may be thinking WordPress is a different story. It’s designed to provide an intuitive way for people with non-technical backgrounds to build their own websites, right? Wrong.  

While the DIY websites you can build using WordPress themes may work well for things like blogs, it’s not what you need for your business. If you are running a business you want a professionally built, secure website for your clients. This kind of a website requires a professional web developer who knows how to code properly. 

If you chose to attempt to change the core code on your WordPress website without the help of a programmer there are two main problems you could run into. Firstly, you could open up security vulnerabilities that make your website easier to hack. You can’t do business on a website that is not secure it’s not safe for your company or for your customers.  

Additionally, you may have trouble in the future when updating your website. If you make changes to the WordPress core code, those changes may not work anymore if you upgrade your site to a newer version of WordPress. Beyond that you could end up damaging another part of the WordPress program.  

Alternative Options: 

If you want to make minor changes to your WordPress website, rather than mess with coding try installing some plug-ins. These will add additional functionality to the website, without changing the core. Just be sure that the plug-ins you are using are safe, otherwise you may have security issues.  

If you want to work with professionals that understand the complexities of coding contact MIBS, Inc. today. Our web developers will build a website that is 100% customized to meet the needs of your organization.