7 Thing Customer’s Expect From Your Website: 

Most companies understand the importance of online communication, especially following the recent shutdowns due to COVID 19. The best way to build rapport with customers online is through a website that is customized to meet their needs. But building such a site can seem daunting. That’s why the team at MIBS, Inc. compiled this list of things that customers will want to see on your website 

Contact Information: 

Whether they’re new or returning customer’s, most people who visit your website will want to know they are able to contact you either before or after they buy from you. This means your website must have an easy to find “Contact” page. This should include: a phone number, a list of addresses/locations, an email address, and a fax number (if you have one).  

The phone number and email address should be in clickable text not in a graphic. This is so people who are visiting the website on a mobile device can call or send an email with one-click. It is also helpful to include clickable links to your social media pages.  

About Page: 

The “About” page is either the page that your site will automatically open to, or it is one of the first page’s website visitors will navigate to. So, it’s important that you have a personalized and informative “About” page. Not sure what to write for this page? Start by answering the basic questions that a customer might have. 

Who are you? 

What do you do? 

How did you start in this line of business? 

Why should I be interested in your business? 

Where are you located? 

When are you opened? 

Fresh Content: 

It is important that all the pages on your company’s website are up-to-date with the most recent and relevant information. Web content is not a “one and done” deal, in order for you site to get noticed, you need to continue producing fresh content. This can come in the form of a blog or news section, a section to advertises specials, or a section devoted to customer testimonials. Whatever you choose to write, make sure you’re using the right keywords 

Pictures and Pricing: 

If the goal of your website is to increase sales you will need to include pictures and pricing for your products. You also want to make sure your website is equipped for eCommerce.  


If your business is one that requires appointments or reservations, include a spot on your website where customers can book with you.  

Search Bar: 

Remember the most important thing about your website is user experience. In order to create a great user experienceinformation should be easy to find. One of the best ways to ensure this is to include a search bar, so your customers can easily find whatever they need.  


Customers will not stay on your website for long, and they certainly won’t buy from it, if it is not secure. The best way to assure customers that your website is secure is to us HTTPS hosting. Also, if you are collecting information from customer’s tell them why and what it is used for. This will help establish trust between you and the customer.  


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