What to Ask a Web Designer During a Free Consultation Call

As businesses slowly start to reopen following the COVID 19 shutdown, you may be thinking about your business’s website. Perhaps your business has no website at all, or perhaps you realize the need to update your existing site. For example, if your business has no ecommerce ability, it is probably time to change that.  

There are so many website designers and companies out there that it makes finding the right one for you a bit challenging. Thankfully one of the first steps you can take is talking to some potential designers with a free consult call. But what questions should you ask? Over the years the staff at MIBS, Inc. has talked to hundreds of clients and potential clients. Here are some of the things they typically ask.

Topics to Discuss Before Hiring a Web Designer 

  1. The Design Process: It’s important to understand what the design process looks like for different designers. Knowing this will help you determine whether or not you think you will work well with the web designer or company. Try asking things like: What does your design process look like? What CMS platform do you use? Who will I be in contact with the most? How much will you involve us in the process? What does communication with us look like during the design process? Will my site be custom designed or will I choose from a platform 
  2. Previous Experience: Before you commit to a designer you are going to want to know how qualified they are to provide the type of site you need. Spend some time asking them about their previous experience. Ask them for references and for links to sites they have designed before. You may also ask: How much website design experience do you have? Have you done sites similar to mine before? 
  3. Cost/Timing: More likely than not you have a budget that you need to stick to. Therefore, you need to know about the timing and costs associated with the design process. In order to understand this, ask about an estimated total cost, as well as any additional fees that may be associated with the design. Then ask about the timeline of the project from start to finish. Some designers may charge an hourly fee so it will be important to know that rate as well as the amount of time they anticipate spending on the project.  Lastly you are going to want to ask if the designer anticipates having to outsource any of the work, and what additional fees might result from that.  
  4. Branding: Of course, your organization has a brand that it is committed to, but what you need to know is how important that brand is to the web designer. Some questions you may wish to ask to that effect are: What website features would you recommend based on my target audience and brand? How will your design help my organization achieve its goals? Who owns the design once it is complete and paid for? As my organization grows and evolves will I be able to update my site to reflect that, even if I have limited technical skills?  
  5. Other Services: The last thing you may wish to inquire about is the expanse of services the web designer is able to offer. Are they only able to design the site, or can they help with logos and graphics. One of the most common questions that we get is: Are you able to assist with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  

It is important to understand the skills and services of a web designer or web design organization before you hire them. If you work with a designer that is not a good fit for you or your organization, odds are the website won’t be a good fit either. So, make sure you ask some relevant questions so you can find the right fit you. 


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