What Type of Website Do You Need?

The web is vast, and the possibilities it presents are endless. These days it seems that everyone needs a website. There are so many websites, all of which look different, competing for people’s attention. It can be hard to know what kind of website will best suit your needs.  

It’s helpful to know that there are different types of websites geared towards accomplishing different things. When considering the kind of website you want, you first need to identify the goals of your site. Afterwards you’ll be able to identify what type of website can help you best accomplish those goals. Below is a list of some of the most common types of websites and the what they are best used for.  

Types of Websites: 


Brochure websites have the simplest functionality. Typically, they only have a few pages that provide contact information basic information about products and services. Content on these websites rarely needs updated. So, brochure websites are ideal for small businesses that offer limited products and services.  

Homepage of brochure website

Ivan Manufacturing’s Brochure Website Deigned by MIBS, Inc.


An ECommerce website is any website that can sell products directly. These include online shopping carts and a way to pay for products and services through the website. The COVID 19 pandemic brought with it a rise in online shopping and increased need for eCommerce websites. These websites are great for any business or organization that has products or services that can be sold online. 

ECommerce Website Example

Pittsburgh Candle Work’s ECommerce Website Designed by MIBS Inc.eat for any business 


A blogging website is essentially a digital journal. Content on this type of website can cover almost any topic whether it’s books or hardware. The purpose of a blogging website is mostly to publish articles, but these sites may promote or sells products. Other types of website are also able to incorporate blogging features. 


A business website is a website that is dedicated to the representation of a specific business. These sites incorporate the brand of the business and promote its products and services. Many business websites incorporate eCommerce abilities and blogging features, but they don’t need to. The features of a business website depend on the size and goals of the business.  

Non-Profit Website Example

Meals on Wheels New Castle’s Non-Profit Website


Much like a business website a non-profit website promotes a specific organization or cause. Non-profit websites provide information on non-profit organizations. They are also able to incorporate online donations and volunteer application features. These websites help establish the legitimacy of organizations, while providing information for people who need the organization or who want to help.  


A portfolio website showcases examples of past work and is ideal for demonstrating quality of work to potential clients. The focus of these sites focus is not to provide information about the business or organization, rather it’s to demonstrate past work. Portfolio websites are best for creative professionals or freelancers.  

Portfolio Website Example

Rosalind’s Interiors, Inc. Portfolio Website Designed By MIBS, Inc.


Educational websites provide information about institutions of education or offer online courses. These websites help provide educational materials to visitors or promote institutions of education.  


News/Magazine websites feature articles, photos, and videos that are informative and educational. Much of what has traditionally been print-media has been transitioned to this kind of website over the past decade or so. This type of website typically has a very clean layout, so that the page elements highlight the published content.  


These types of website are created to feature an individual person as a brand. The defining characteristic of a personal website is its title, which is the name of the individual it features. There is no limit to the features this kind of website can have,like blogging and/or eCommerce capabilities. Once again this depends on the goal the website is meant to help accomplish 

For help building the best website to achieve you goals and promote your brand contact MIBS, Inc. We have built many types of websites for a variety of organizations. Our experienced web designers will work with you to customize a functional and secure website to meet your needs.